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How to download YouTube Vanced Tuber?

https://www.vanced.pro is the official website for YouTube Vanced Tuber download. It is also available in Apkpure, Uptodown, Google play store and other app platforms.

How to Install YouTube Vanced Tuber?

1. Allow app installs from Unknown Sources
2. Install the downloaded apk.
Unlike the other so-called YouTube advanced apps or YouTube mod APKs, there is NO need for microG apk download or Vanced manager. No root status limitation.

Can I download YouTube Vanced Tuber for iOS and PC?

We're sorry that YouTube Vanced Tuber download is not available for iOS and PC at present. If you want to use our app on your computer or laptop, you may need to install Bluestacks on your computer to run the apk.

Is YouTube Vanced Tuber free of cost?

Yes. It is free of cost to download and install YouTube Vanced Tuber. What's more, all the features of YouTube Vanced Tuber won't charge you anything, no matter streaming videos or downloading files.

How to find videos on YouTube Vanced Tuber?

Go to homepage Site Navigation, click on more and find a variety supported sites that YouTube Vanced Tuber provided. You could also explore different kinds of videos by browsing different tab including movies, shows, funny, dance and more.

How to find movies and music on YouTube Vanced Tuber?

We collect trending movies and songs from various sites. Go to the specific “movie” and “music” tab and enjoy the most recent full movies or music online or offline.

How to save videos from YouTube、Facebook、Instagram or other sites?

Browse the site on YouTube Vanced Tuber, find the video you’d like to download and click the download button. You may start the download after choosing the format and quality. The videos will be saved on your phone for you to enjoy offline anytime.

How can I download videos from sites that are not shown on YouTube Vanced Tuber?

Please copy the link of your video and paste it in the search box. Enter for search result and you can download the videos. You could also add the site to the home page if you frequently visit it.

Can I decide the video/music quality?

Yes, please go to setting to choose your desired video or music quality.

Is it safe to install YouTube Vanced Tuber on my Mobile Phone?

Absolutely. YouTube Vanced Tuber is a clean app without virus nor malware. There is nothing harmful about YouTube Vanced Tuber.

Why can’t I find YouTube Vanced Tuber on Google Play Store?

We cannot upload our apk on Google Play Store due to Google’s policy prohibiting apps related to YouTube videos download. Please download YouTube Vanced Tuber from our official website.

Will YouTube Vanced Tuber collect personal data and do threat to personal privacy?

YouTube Vanced Tuber is a user-friendly app and is determined to provide the best user experience. We only process certain information to provide, personalize and improve our service and will never steal users’ personal data.

Where to find the latest version for YouTube Vanced Tuber?

Please stay tune of our official website to download the latest version.

Is it necessary to update YouTube Vanced Tuber?

It is highly recommended to update YouTube Vanced Tuber to the latest version as we keep improving and providing better user experience.

Can I set up different language and districts?

Yes, please go to setting to set your desired language and districts to get different personalized feeds.

Can I use my YouTube account on YouTube Vanced Tuber?

Yes. You can sign in with YouTube to access your previous YouTube account.

How to contact YouTube Vanced Tuber if I have other issues?

If you have other question/requirement or suggestion, please feel free to contact us via email.