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What do you expect if you are designing an upgrade on YT? As a user of the app, what are the features that we need to add to the existing normal YT version? It is true that there is a premium version of YT that offers more than the normal one but isn't it time that the normal features too agave to get an update?

The new Pure Tuber is the perfect replacement for the normal YT with a strong armory of features and a user-oriented approach that elevates the video and audio streaming experience. You can access and watch all the videos on YT through Pure Tuber and enjoy it with the advanced features that the app offers.

Let's have a look at the features offered by Pure Tuber.

Pure Tuber! An App You Can't Refuse 1 - YouTube Vanced

Ad-Free YT All the Time!

Yes, there are no ads in Pure Tuber, not before or after, or during the time of video streaming. It's completely protected from advertisements appearing by the in-built ad blocker system. As we said, the feature is inbuilt so there is nothing that the user has to do to avail it. You can enjoy flawless and uninterrupted streaming of videos and audio of YT on Pure Tuber.

Pure Tuber! An App You Can't Refuse 2 - YouTube Vanced

Video and Audio Downloader

Another flagship feature of Pure Tuber is the direct Youtube video and audio downloader. Pure tUber works very simply, On the home screen you can see videos, on the top side of the screen, there lies the search option where you can search the desired videos, and clicking on any of the search results, the videos screen will be open. The download option is placed beneath the video player. A touch on it will start the process, in which users will get the options to select the format, either video or audio, and the quality of the download. The app supports 144p to 4k quality when it comes to video downloading.

Pure Tuber! An App You Can't Refuse 3 - YouTube Vanced

Background Music Player

The one feature that saves a lot of battery charge and gives you a lot of freedom, The background Music player of YT videos. Music from Youtube just like from a music player. This feature is placed beside the downloader and a tap on it will launch the background player. Then even if you close the video, the audio will be continuing to play on the phone. Hence not stuck on the screen for a song. The music navigation keys also will appear on the phone notification bar. So as we said, just like a music player.

Pure Tuber! An App You Can't Refuse 4 - YouTube Vanced

Pop-Up Player

The feature helps you when you don't want to stop watching the video to use another application. When you tap on the Pop-Up player feature placed below the video screen along with other features. When you activate the feature, the video will continue playing on a small floating screen on the phone display and you can use any other app in the meantime. The floating screen is movable through dragging.

Excited to read about all these features with YT videos? Click below to download Pure Tuber

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